Kerry: Some Iran sanctions relief likely to go to terrorists

Daily News Article - January 22, 2016


1. Read the “Background” below the questions. What is known about the Iranian government’s relationship with terrorist groups? Be specific.

2. President Obama negotiated an executive agreement with Iran to drop sanctions against the country in exchange for a promise that Iran would put limits on its nuclear programs for at least ten years. How much money is Iran getting back now that the sanctions are dropped?

3. a) What is the IRGC? What accusations have been made against the IRGC?
b) What did U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admit Iran will use some of the money for?

4. How does Secretary Kerry defend this concerning news?

5. Secretary Kerry also said, “We have made it very clear that we use sanctions when we think they are appropriate in order to counter behavior that we believe has broken the law or has challenged the United Nations Security Council or threatened the United States and we stand by our sanctions.” Ask a parent: Do you support the Obama administration’s push to drop the long-standing sanctions on Iran in exchange for a promise to hold parts of its nuclear program? Explain your answer.