Justice Department Policing Tactic Guarded as ‘Classified’?

Daily News Article - March 21, 2016


1. How does the U.S. Justice Department differ from the U.S. Marshals Service in their description of the use of cellphone surveillance technology?

2. a) Define classified.
b) What does the classified designation suggest?

3. a) What is the role of the DOJ?
b) What is the role of the USMS?

4. a) What are cell-site simulators? Be specific.
b) How much did the Marshals Service pay over 5 years for these devices?

5. How/why does the Marshals Service use cell-site simulators?

6. What is notable about the Marshals’ designation of some of their technology and techniques as classified?

7. What has the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said about DOJ’s use of technology?

8. Re-read para. 16-20. Then read the following:

a) Do you think the Marshals' use of the cell-site technology should remain classified if they do not have judicial oversight in the form of a search warrant? Explain your answer.

b) Many people say that they are not breaking the law, so they don’t care if law enforcement scans their cell phones, etc. What do you think?