Jim Brown, Ray Lewis talk of ‘fantastic’ meeting with Trump

Daily News Article - December 15, 2016


1. Who are Jim Brown and Ray Lewis?

2. What is the purpose of Jim Brown’s Amer-I-Can organization?

3. What promise did Donald Trump make to the black community during his campaign?

4. What commitment has Mr. Trump made, according to Pastor Scott and Ray Lewis?

5. How did Mr. Brown explain his positive feeling about President-elect Trump, after he voted for Hillary Clinton?

6. Watch the two interviews with Jim Brown that he gave Tuesday night after his meeting with Trump. The CNN interviewer asked, “What brought you to Trump Tower?” He said, “The president of the United States brought me. My president. …He won it fair and square. He’s gonna be our man for the next four years at least…. And he amenable [open; agreeable] to listening to people who did not vote for him.”
He explained, “We talked about…education, getting rid of violence, dealing with economic development realistically and how to work together.”
What is your reaction to Mr. Brown’s answers and assertions about his meeting with Donald Trump? (inspired, encouraged, dismayed…) Explain your answer.

7. NFL stars Jim Brown and Ray Lewis are enthusiastic about the potential for improving Black communities by working together with a President Trump. After listening to the interviews, do you share their enthusiasm? Explain your answer.