It’s been 30 years since the first .com

Daily News Article - March 17, 2015


1. What types of people first used the internet?

2. a) What is the population of the world today?
b) How many people use the internet in the world today?

3. How much in U.S. e-commerce sales rely on the internet each year?

4. The first .com was registered on March 15, 1985. When was the World Wide Web launched?

5. a) How long did it take for the first 100 .com domain names to be registered?
b) How many .com domain names are registered a day now?
c) How many domain extensions were there by the end of 2013? By how many more will the number increase in the next few years?

6. a) Ask a parent: what was life like as a teenager without the internet?
b) Also ask: do you think life for teens is better, worse or just different for teens with the internet?

7. Read the timeline below. Which fact most impresses you? Explain your answer.