Hurricane destruction hinders relief efforts in Puerto Rico delivery

Daily News Article - September 29, 2017


1. Define the following as used in the article:

2. a) What is the population of Puerto Rico?
b) List the necessities people are in dire need of receiving.

3. Why have relief operations been hampered?

4. a) How did Governor Ricardo Rossello respond to President Trump waiving the Jones Act?
b) Describe the problems/needs in Puerto Rico per Governor Rossello.

5. What aid has the U.S. military given thus far? (Watch the videos under “Resources” below for an update.)

6. a) What is Crowley Maritime?
b) What supplies has the company delivered to Puerto Rico?
c) Describe the problem Crowley is experiencing. (Why haven’t the people received the supplies? -How did Jose Ayala explain the problems?)

7. What problems need to be addressed at the port, according to USCG Vice Admiral Karl Schultz?

8. Read the additional info “Where is the National Guard?” under “Background” below. Then watch the news reports under “Resources.” Does having this additional information give you a clearer understanding of the unique challenges associated with recovery and relief on the island of Puerto Rico? Explain your answer.