How unusual is Trump’s Cabinet of generals?

Daily News Article - December 12, 2016


1. List the the military leaders President-elect Trump has named for cabinet posts and for National Security Advisor.

2. Critics of Donald Trump have questioned his choice of military leaders for these cabinet posts. How does David French of the National Review explain why these are good choices?

3. List the military leaders Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had/have as advisors and heads of agencies.

4. a) What restriction has the Department of Defense imposed on the office of Secretary of State?
b) Why have they done so?
c) Ask a parent: do you think Gen. Mattis should be given a waiver? Why or why not?

5. Several other headlines on Trump’s picks:

"Trump hires a third general, raising concerns about heavy military influence" - Washington Post

"Why Trump is so obsessed with generals" - Politico

"Why Is Trump Picking So Many Generals for His Cabinet?" - The Atlantic

"Donald Trump’s Choice of Generals for Top Posts Raises Concerns" - The Wall Street Journal

a) Do you think this is deliberate - to lead people to feel concern about “so many generals”? or the best way to alert the public to a concerning trend? Explain your answer.

b) One reader wrote: “The media is portraying these picks as a negative. Trump picked them because he trusts them to be competent and get the job done - he believes for the position they are the best choice for each position.” Do you agree with this assertion? Explain your answer.

6. Ask a parent or grandparent: what do you think of Mr. Trump’s cabinet picks so far?