How to commemorate Memorial Day 2017

Daily News Article - May 26, 2017


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1. Why was Memorial Day originally called Decoration Day?

2. What was the original purpose for Memorial Day? When/how did it change?

3. List the suggestions provided by for how Americans should observe Memorial Day.

4. This year consider how your family can take part in any of the activities from question #3. Sure, you can barbecue - but take some time during the day to honor our fallen soldiers. Do an internet search for "2017 Memorial Day events + the name of your town/city." Consider attending the event that honors those who have died while in service.

5. a) Ask at least one grandparent how his/her family, school and community commemorated Memorial Day when he/she was a teenager.
b) Ask a parent how his/her experience differed from that of your grandparent.