How the Post covered Lincoln’s assassination in 1865

Daily News Article - April 15, 2015


1. a) Who shot President Lincoln?
b) What evidence did the Post (known as The Evening Standard then) provide in its reports to back up the belief that this man was the assassin?

2. Where and when was he shot?

3. Why was he assassinated?

4. In addition to printing Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton’s reports on President Lincoln, the NY Post (then called The Evening Post) published “Particulars of the Assassination” which is posted in “Background” below.
Read this original report.
Narrative journalism is the interpretation of a story and the way in which the journalist portrays it, be it fictional or non-fictional. In easier words, it tells a story.
What do you learn from this narrative report that you did not already know about President Lincoln’s assassination?

5. Read the excerpt from WSJ commentary on Lincoln's assassination "A President Who Lived and Died for Liberty” (see "Background" below). What most surprises you from this excerpt, or with which assertion made by the writers do you most agree? Explain your answer.