Houston Council Member Urges Houstonians Not to Donate to Red Cross

Daily News Article - September 15, 2017


1. a) Who is Dave Martin?
b) What criticism did Mr. Martin make about the American Red Cross?

2. What recommendation did Mr. Martin make for people who want to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief?

3. How did the local Red Cross chapter respond to Mr. Martin’s accusations/recommendation?

4. What clarification did other city council members make about Red Cross volunteers?

5. Who/what area of the Red Cross has much of the criticism been targeted at in recent years?

6. What did NPR and ProPublica discover when investigating the Red Cross in 2015? Be specific.

7. a) How did American Red Cross executive Brad Kieserman answer NPR’s question about what percentage of the money people donate for Hurricane Harvey relief will actually end up helping the flood victims?
b) What do you think of this response?

8. Watch the video under “Resources” below. Read the caption under the photo at the top of the article.
Do you think Councilman Dave Martin’s criticism/observation of the Red Cross is fair? Explain your answer.

OPTIONAL:  Research other ways to give including: