House Speaker Paul Ryan abandons Trump, says every candidate for themselves

Daily News Article - October 12, 2016


1. What did Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tell Republican House members in a conference call on Monday? (What did he say he was doing? What did he urge his fellow Republicans to do?)

2. How do the Los Angeles Times’ reporters describe the reaction of Republican supporters of Donald Trump?

3. What statement did Donald Trump make via Twitter in response to Speaker Ryan’s remarks?

4. a) How did some of the Republican lawmakers in on the call respond to Speaker Ryan’s decision?
b) What do you think of Rep. Rohrabacher and Cramer’s respective comments?

5. How do the reporters describe the decision Republican lawmakers have to make?

6. a) It appears the majority of Donald Trump’s supporters (the Republican voters who support him) have not pulled their support after offensive, vulgar remarks he made in 2005 were made public.  But as a leader in the Republican party, Speaker Ryan did. As the leader, did he do the right thing? Explain your answer.
b) In the 2016 elections, 34 of the 100 Senate seats are up for election, as are all 435 congressional seats. Would withdrawing support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump make you more or less likely to vote for your representatives who did so? Explain your answer.

7. Trump supporter Nancy E., an accountant from the Pittsburgh area, said that while she wasn’t happy with Trump’s aggressive, vulgar comments about women in 2005, she still supports him. She explained, “We knew what we were getting into with him, he is not a politician, never has been, he is a change agent in a change election.”
Is this a reasonable assertion? Explain your answer.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: The reporters describe Ryan’s decision as an “extraordinary breach in party ranks.”
Is this an accurate description? Do an internet search to determine how many times Republican and/or Democratic party leaders pulled their support for their party’s presidential nominee. Does Ryan’s move have any precedent?

OPTIONAL:  Consider our society and culture today:

Many of those offended by Donald Trump's comments from 11 years ago watch and accept immorality, violence, vulgarity etc. from the entertainment industry. What are your thoughts about this contradiction?