Homeless Victims Hunt for Safe Places to Stay

Daily News Article - September 1, 2005


1.  What did people lose in addition to their homes?

2.  What are some of the permanent options for housing that the federal housing task force is considering?

3.  What is the population of New Orleans?  The majority of those people had already evacuated.  Currently 80% of the city is under water.  What percentage of the New Orleans population must be evacuated?  What is the earliest date they will be allowed to return to their homes?

4.  How many shelters has the Red Cross opened so far throughout the Gulf Coast region?

5.  What is FEMA?  What does it mean to be underinsured?  How will FEMA help people who have no homeowners insurance or are underinsured?

6.  What is the Small Business Administration doing to help people?

7.  What is the Social Security Administartion doing to ensure that people receive their monthly social security checks?

8.  Who are the Big Three U.S. automakers?  How are they helping people affected by Katrina?