Hockey legend’s recovery highlights adult stem-cell advances

Daily News Article - March 3, 2015


1. What is the result of experimental adult stem-cell therapy that 86 year-old hockey legend Gordie Howe had in Tijuana, Mexico after a debilitating stroke, according to his son, radiologist Dr. Murray Howe?

2. How does Dr. Howe describe his father’s overall recovery after the adult stem-cell therapy?

3. Describe the treatment Gordie Howe received.

4. How quick was Mr. Howe’s initial recovery the first day of treatment?

5. Overall, what benefits did Mr. Howe receive from the experimental adult stem-cell treatment?

6. Why is Mr. Howe’s stem-cell treatment not yet approved in the U.S.? (Still in the experimental phase?)

7. How does Dr. Howe defend the stem-cell company (Stemedia) that treated Mr. Howe?

CHALLENGE QUESTION: What is Gordie Howe’s nickname?