Historic rainfall pounds South Carolina

Daily News Article - October 6, 2015


1. What is significant about the rain that has fallen on South Carolina?

2. What warnings have officials been giving residents over the past few days?

3. What effect is the historic rainfall having on the residents of South Carolina? Describe the damage done. Be specific.

4. How much rain has actually fallen in South Carolina over the past few days?

5. How many people had to be rescued from floodwaters by Sunday?

6. a) Why haven’t emergency crews been able to rescue people who called for help as quickly as they hoped?
b) What did one man do after his distraught aunt had not been rescued in her flooded apartment building after several hours?

7. Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said he's never seen flooding as bad in his 40 years as mayor. "This was a record storm," he said. "You know the amount of rainfall that we have experienced is unprecedented. I feel very fortunate that we were able to get through this as well as we have." Watch the news reports under “Resources” below the questions. What do you think about the job emergency responders are doing and how the residents of South Carolina are dealing with the flooding?