Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders battle over meaning of ‘progressive’

Daily News Article - February 5, 2016


1. a) What do progressives believe?
b) What term was used prior to the word “progressive?”

2. What actions does Sen. Sanders cite for asserting that Hillary Clinton is a not a progressive?

3. How did Mrs. Clinton respond to Sen. Sanders’ accusation? Be specific.

4. a) USA Today identifies Sen. Sanders as I-Vt (an Independent from Vermont). He is registered as an Independent, but how does Sen. Sanders describe his own politics?
b) Sen. Sanders said he is fighting the “most powerful political organization in the country” in battling Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Is this a reasonable assertion? Ask a parent or grandparent the same question.

5. a) How did Mrs. Clinton respond when asked by Anderson Cooper why she was paid $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs for three speeches in 2013?
b) What do you think of her response?

6. Who do you think is more progressive/liberal - Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? Which candidate do you think best represents the Democratic party and would make the better presidential candidate? Explain your answer.

NOTE: Look for Wednesday's Democratic townhall online and watch upcoming debates. Watch the Republican debate on Feb. 6.