Hero soldier who lost all his limbs finds purpose inspiring other amputees

Daily News Article - December 11, 2015


1. Who is Travis Mills? How did he get injured?

2. What has Travis been doing since he finished rehab? Be specific.

3. What is his message?

4. How is he planning to help others through his foundation?

5. What effect does he have on those he meets with?

6. How does Travis say he maintains a positive attitude?

7. What does he say about being a wounded warrior and how people view him as a quadruple amputee? (Please note: this is not meant to criticize the Wounded Warrior organization. He is talking about how he views himself and how he would like others to see him.)

8. How does Travis' decision to not feel sorry for himself inspire/encourage you?

CHALLENGE: Write a note of encouragement to Travis. How inspiring it would be for him to receive notes from some of you!