Having Tattoos Could Be a Sign of Low Self-Esteem

Daily News Article - April 3, 2009


1. What do psychologists warn people to do before getting a tattoo?

2. a) A study from Liverpool Hope University in England find what link between self esteem and multiple tattoos?
b) Are you surprised by this finding? Explain your answer.

3. List the four main reasons people have for getting tattoos.

4. What are the benefits of having a tattoo - or several tattoos? What are the drawbacks?

5. Do you have a tattoo or know anyone who does? Ask a person older than 30 who has a tattoo if he/she regrets getting it. Ask a teen friend the same question.

6. Ask a parent and then a grandparent how society viewed tattoos when they were growing up. And how society viewed tattoos on girls.

7. Is there a difference between getting a tattoo on your arm/back/leg, and getting a tattoo on your face or neck? Explain your answer.

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