Google lobbyists’ White House visits

Daily News Article - May 25, 2016


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1. a) Define lobbying.
b) What are lobbyists?

2. How many times has Google’s head of public policy, Johanna Shelton, met with Obama administration officials at the White House?

3. What information was compiled by the watchdog group Campaign for Accountability?

4. How did Google respond to a request for a response?

5. How did the Obama administration respond to questions about this revelation?

6. Read the “Background” below. A Public Citizen review found that of 102 lobbyists Google hired or retained in 2014, 81 previously held government jobs. “Meanwhile, a steady stream of Google employees has been appointed to high-ranking government jobs – an indication of the company’s growing influence in national affairs.” Do you think the amount of access Google has to the President is a problem? Explain your answer.

7. Do you think the act of lobbying Congress or the White House helps, harms, or has no effect on our country? Explain your answer.