Google accused of spying on students in FTC privacy complaint

Daily News Article - December 7, 2015


1. a) What is the EFF? What is it’s purpose/goal/mission?
b) What is the Student Privacy Pledge?

2. What is the role of the FTC?

3. a) What did the EFF initially ask the FTC to do?
b) Why did the EFF make this request? Be specific.

4. a) How did Google respond to the EFF’s allegation?
b) What do you think this response shows about the EFF’s allegation? (unfounded? legitimate?) Explain your answer.

5. a) Why isn’t the EFF satisfied with Google changing the sync settings? Be specific.
b) What did they ask the FTC to do?

6. a) The Future of Privacy Forum, which created the Student Privacy Pledge, said Google was not violating the Student Privacy Pledge because it used aggregated and anonymized data. “Anonymous information uses are not covered by the pledge or any other laws around student data,” Jules Polonetsky, co-chair of the Future of Privacy Forum said. What motive might the FPF have for not opposing Google?
b) How did the EFF counter the FPF’s assertion?

7. a) Define aggregated and anonymized.
b) Why do you think people would be concerned even if Google uses aggregated and anonymized data?

8. a) Would you oppose Google gathering this information on you?
b) As a student, do you trust Google when they say they use aggregated and anonymized data? Explain your answer.
c) Ask a parent if they are concerned about your privacy online. Discuss your answers.

OPTIONAL: Read the following comments from readers to the WSJ article. With which do you agree/disagree?