Four Americans Killed in Unprecedented Suicide Attack at U.S. Base

Daily News Article - November 14, 2016


1. How many Americans were killed and/or wounded in a suicide bomb attack by Taliban terrorists at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan over the weekend?

2. When did the attack take place? - What were the troops doing when they were attacked?

3. What is unusual about this suicide bombing? Be specific.

4. What type of attacks do U.S. troops usually experience while on base in Iraq and Afghanistan?

5. a) Who is the U.S. Secretary of Defense?
b) What was Secretary Carter’s response to the attack?
c) What do you think of the Defense Secretary’s response: too harsh, too mild, exactly what he should have said? Explain your answer.

6. a) What steps were taken on base following the attack?
b) For what reason did the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan close following the attack?
c) Although the explanation is a quote from the Embassy’s statement, it appears the reporters are implying that routine maintenance is not the real reason. Why do you think the reporters made this implication?