Focus of Trump’s 1st Speech at U.N. to be: Strength, ‘Reform’

Daily News Article - September 18, 2017


1. When is President Trump scheduled to speak at the annual U.N. General Assembly?

2. a) Who is the U.S. Ambassador to the UN?
b) What did the Ambassador say about the direction of the U.N. following President Trump’s election?
c) How does she describe the U.S. approach under President Trump at the U.N. General Assembly?

3. a) Who is H.R. McMaster?
b) How did McMaster describe President Trump’s upcoming address to the U.N. General Assembly?

4. Critics of the U.N. say the world body is inefficient and does not fulfill its purpose. Previous presidents have called for change at the U.N. What has President Trump done that is different from previous presidents in their calls for change?

5. a) Of the 193 member nations of the U.N., what percentage of the budget does the U.S. contribute?
CHALLENGE: What percentage do the billionaire controlled countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar contribute? How much do China and Russia contribute? The EU?
b) Do you think the U.S. should pay the percentage to the U.N. that we do? Is President Trump correct or not, to insist on all countries paying their fair share? Explain your answer.

6. a) What unprecedented diplomatic feat has the Trump administration accomplished leading up to the 2017 U.N. General Assembly? Be specific.
b) Why do you think so many countries signed on to the U.S.-written U.N. reform proposal?
c) Ask a parent the same question.

CHALLENGE: Watch (and read) the President’s entire Tuesday (9/19) address to the U.N. General Assembly at
a) List the major issues the President addresses in his speech.
b) For each one, what solution did he propose?
c) Were you encouraged or discouraged by the President’s speech? Explain your answer.
d) Ask a parent the same questions (c).