Final Presidential Debate Tonight

Daily News Article - October 19, 2016


NOTE:  Check out Student News Daily’s Presidential Election Page, which includes a Presidential Debate Worksheet for students.

1. List the time and place for the third and final 2016 presidential debate.

2. What is the format for this third debate?

3. a) Who were the moderators for the first two debates?
b) Who is the moderator for tonight’s debate?

4. List the topics that will be covered in this last debate.

5. a) What are (government) entitlements? Be specific.
b) What type of question do you expect the moderator to ask about the Supreme Court? (if unsure, ask a parent or grandparent)

6. a) Who are the third party candidates in this election?
b) Where do they stand as far as participating in this debate?
c) Ask a parent: how important is it to you that the third party candidates be included in the debate? Would it add to, or take away time from, the top two candidates? Please explain your answer.

7. a) Many Americans develop their perceptions of a debate based on news coverage following the debate. How important do you think it is for voters to watch the debate themselves and come to their own conclusions about the candidates? Explain your answer.
b) Do you think voters should rely on “debate analysis” from the media? Explain your answer.
c) In addition to watching debates, what else should voters do to learn about the candidates? If it is true that the news media blatantly supports Hillary Clinton and is biased against Donald Trump, where do you think voters can get accurate information about each candidate?

NOTE TO STUDENTS: This election is very important. It will determine what direction our country goes in - the next president will have an impact on the type of country this will be. Spend time talking to parents, grandparents or another adult whose opinions you respect about the issues surrounding this election.
James 1:5