FDA unveils new regulations on e-cigarettes

Daily News Article - May 9, 2016


1. a) What is the FDA?
b) What did the FDA do on Thursday?

2. What requirements are included in the new rules? Be specific.

3. What isn’t known yet about the benefits or harms from vaping?

4. a) Who supports the new FDA rules on e-cigarettes?
b) Why does the American Academy of Pediatrics

5. Who opposes the news rules? Why?

6. a) Define regulate.
b) Do you think it is necessary for the federal government to regulate e-cigarettes? Why or why not?
c) Ask a parent the same question.

7. With the new regulations, people under the age of 18 won't be able to buy these products. Currently, not all states forbid sales to minors.  What do you think the age requirement should be for purchasing e-cigarettes? Explain your answer.