FBI, Secret Service plan 360-degree security for inauguration

Daily News Article - January 11, 2017


1. List the types of threats law enforcement agencies need to guard against at the presidential inauguration next week.

2. List the six FBI units that gave the media detailed explanations about their capabilities to address any threats/attacks during the presidential inauguration next week.

3. What was the objective of the FBI’s Washington Field Office presentation to the media?

4. a) How many presidential inaugurations have there been in U.S. history?
b) How did security for the inauguration change after 1998?

5. How/what part of security does each department handle?
a) Secret Service
b) FBI

6. a) What is the good news about security, according to retired security agent Fred Burton?
b) What challenge do the security agencies face, according to Burton and the FBI’s Joseph Skule?

7. Re-read the last two paragraphs of the article. What assurance does this give you that the federal agents will succeed in protecting the event?

8. Many people who hate Donald Trump and refuse to accept him as their president plan on protesting in Washington on and around inauguration day. What do you think: is there is a better time/place to stage a protest and they could/should do so, OR:
those upset with the outcome of the election are just exercising their first amendment rights (freedom of speech and assembly) and should protest on inauguration day to make their voices heard.
Explain your answer.