FB, Twitter block app police used to monitor protests

Daily News Article - October 20, 2016


1. How does Geofeedia work? Be specific.

2. What caused Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to block Geofeedia from access to their data?

3. What other types of groups use Geofeedia?

4. How did the Baltimore County police respond to questions from NBC News?

5. What statement did Geofeedia make about the issue?

6. Baltimore County police spokeswoman Elise Armacost said, ”There is no difference between a detective who reads someone's open source tweets and a detective who hears someone say something on an incident scene. Law enforcement has an obligation to use available tools to gather information critical to public safety."
Do you agree with either or both of these assertions? Explain your answer.

7. a) Do you think the police use of Geofeedia to quickly access public information is a valid use of technology, or do you agree with civil liberties groups, which say doing so could stifle freedom of expression and be used as an arrest tool? Explain your answer.
b) Is it ok for retailers to use this information for marketing purposes? or journalists obtaining information on a person for a news story? - is there a difference in the purpose for which the information is used? Explain your answer.
c) Is it ok for law enforcement to read publicly posted information on individual Facebook pages? Explain your answer

8. NBC reports: “Twitter's policy prohibits partner developers from using data to ‘investigate, track or surveil’ its users.” Should this include law enforcement in situations where rioting is taking place? What about peaceful protests? Explain your answers.