Famed snake trackers from India latest weapon in Florida war on pythons

Daily News Article - February 16, 2017


1. What problem is being addressed by the University of Florida researchers and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission?

2. What is the cost of this project?

3. Compare the numbers of pythons captured between the two men from India and from the Python Challenge.

4. What qualifications do the two men from India have?

5. How did Burmese pythons get to Florida? (see “Background” for answer)
b) Why are these pythons so difficult to capture?

6. List the various ways biologists have attempted to find/capture the pythons.

7. Why were people skeptical of using Irula tribesmen from India to hunt the pythons in the Florida everglades?

8. Today’s Daily News Article is a human interest news story. Human interest stories differ from the regular news – they are sometimes referred to as “the story behind the story.“ The major news articles of the day tell of important happenings. Human interest stories tell of how those happenings have impacted the people or places around the story.
Do you think this human interest story is newsworthy? Why or why not?