Facebook shared data with Chinese companies

Daily News Article - June 8, 2018


1. What did a series of reports from The New York Times and other reveal this week about Facebook?

2. List the companies Facebook admitted to having data-sharing agreements with.

3. What information could the BlackBerry app (similar to the Huawei app) retrieve from Facebook users?

4. Why is Huawei treated as more of a concern than the other tech companies that Facebook has shared data with? Be specific. (see para. 7-8, 10)

5. For what other separate reason is the Justice Department investigating Huawei?

6. What recommendations did the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA make in February regarding Huawei phones?

7. a) Following the revelations by the news outlets, Facebook told the Times that the Huawei deal would wind down by the end of this week.
Coincidence or not - what do you think?
b) A Huawei spokesperson told The Verge, “Huawei has never collected or stored any Facebook user data.” What do you think?