Ex-Peanut Executive Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for Salmonella Coverup

Daily News Article - September 23, 2015


1. Who is Stewart Parnell?

2. What initially occurred that led Mr. Parnell to be prosecuted? Be specific.

3. a) What did a jury find Mr. Parnell guilty of last year?
b) What evidence did prosecutors present in the case?

4. What sentence did Mr. Parnell receive yesterday from a federal judge?

5. a) Why is this sentence so significant? Be specific.
b) Why is the sentence believed to be so much different than the previous few cases that have been prosecuted?

6. What positive effect do you think this strict sentence will have on how the food industry maintains health standards?

7. Do you think the punishment fits the crime in this case? Explain your answer.