Everything you need to know about the Inauguration

Daily News Article - January 20, 2017


1. What number president will Donald Trump be?

2. What time does the presidential inauguration ceremony begin?

3. What time is the traditional inaugural parade?

4. Who can attend the inaugural parade?

5. While the Supreme Court’s chief justice always swears in the president-elect on the inauguration stage, it’s common for one of the other justices to do so for the vice president. Which justice has vice-president-elect Mike Pence asked to administer his oath of office?

6. List the 9 events that take place on Inauguration Day.

7. Read the Background and Resources below the questions. Which fact most surprises you about past presidential inaugurations? Explain your answer.

CHALLENGE: Watch President Trump’s inaugural address and answer the following: (text at whitehouse.gov/inaugural-address)

  1. Tone is the attitude a speaker takes:  What tone did Donald Trump take in his inauguration speech on Friday, Jan. 20? What was the tone of the address? (optimistic, hopeful, enthusiastic, solemn, inspiring, negative, complaining? …)
  2. How long was President Trump’s speech?
  3. What was the main focus of President Trump's speech?
  4. What inspired you the most about President Trump’s address? (If it did not inspire you at all, why not?)