Early Facebook investor says company uses methods to addict you

Daily News Article - November 15, 2017


1. What accusations has Facebook’s early backer Roger McNamee made against the company? Be specific - list three.

2. What does McNamee say is Facebook’s goal for using these methods? (What is the motive behind their actions?)

3. What result has Facebook achieved by using these techniques?

4. a) What accusation did former Facebook president Sean Parker make about the company? Be specific.
b) How does the use of Facebook affect people, according to Mr. Parker?

5. What do both McNamee and Parker say about Facebook founders’ knowledge of the harm Facebook causes people?

6. Who is Justin Rosenstein? How does he view the idea of using Facebook regularly?

7. Watch the video under “Resources” below.
a) What point made in the video clip is most eye-opening to you? Explain your answer.
b) Would knowing that Mark Zuckerberg and others at Facebook purposely use methods that might harm people affect your use of this social media platform? Explain your answer.
c) If you learned the same was true about any social media you use, would it alter the amount of time you spent using it? Explain your answer.

8. a) What social media or gaming are you addicted to?
b) How should you break your addiction?