E-Cigarette Use Rises Among U.S. Teens as Cigarette Use Falls

Daily News Article - April 21, 2015


1. By what percents have the numbers of high school and middle school students who used e-cigarettes increased over the past year, according to a survey by the CDC?

2. What action might the federal government take as a result of the survey?

3. What are e-cigarettes?

4. Why are health officials warning against the use of e-cigarettes?

5. How dangerous are hookahs, according to the CDC and Dr. Harold Farber of the Texas Children’s Hospital? (see “Background” below the questions)

6. David Dobbins, chief operating officer at the anti-tobacco group Legacy said, “People can differ about the appropriateness of e-cigarettes for adults but I don’t think anyone disagrees on the appropriateness of giving them to children.” He added, “It’s up to the White House and HHS to make sure this regulation gets out as quickly as possible.”
The proposed rule would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18 and require FDA approval of new products. Public health advocates have also been pushing for a ban on flavored products, television advertising and internet sales, which they say attract children.
The biggest concern is that the long term effects of these products are not known.
Consider this: in the 1930s-40s, cigarette smoking was not regarding as dangerous to a person’s health. What do you think:
a) Should the sale of e-cigarettes / vapes be banned for people under the age of 18?
b) Should the FDA regulate these products?
Explain your answers.