Drone Close Calls Spur Government to Require Registration

Daily News Article - October 20, 2015


1. What types of incidents involving drones have caused the federal government to require drones to be registered?

2. a) Which government agencies are involved with drone regulation?
b) How will they determine the details of the registration?

3. a) Define exempt.
b) Which drones are expected to be exempted? Why?

4. How many drones have been sold in U.S. so far? How many are expected to be sold this Christmas season?

5. A task force is defined as: a group of people who deal with a specific problem. When will the task force deliver its report?

6. a) What does Transportation Secretary Foxx want drone users to learn?
b) This news report does not give an explanation of how Secretary Foxx expects this to be carried out. How do you think the federal government could accomplish this without spending any money on a program?

7. a) What is the concern with drones being used near airports or in populated areas?
b) What is the FAA doing about operators of small drones that fly illegally near airports?

8. From the FAA website: “FAA guidance says that model aircraft flights should be flown a sufficient distance from populated areas.”
What type of government registration do you think will prevent close calls from occurring in the future? (Will the registration requirement cause drone operators to become more responsible?)