Driverless cars work great in sunny California. But how about in a blizzard?

Daily News Article - February 2, 2016


1. Until recently, where have all self-driving cars been tested?

2. What two features does Google’s self-driving car have that help in bad weather?

3. What is Google’s self-driving car able to do when driving in rain?

4. Why do snow and ice negatively affect self-driving cars?

5. a) What problem does Ford’s self-driving test vehicle have when it is snowing?
b) How has Ford been able to address this issue, according to Edwin Olson?

6. Describe the two additional problems faced in snow that designers of self-driving cars must address.

7. Ask a parent or grandparent (someone who has driven in snow): Would you prefer to drive yourself or have a self-driving vehicle in snowy (or other bad weather) conditions? Explain your answer.