Driver handcuffed at gunpoint over license plate-reader error

Daily News Article - May 14, 2014


1. Describe the incident with police in March 2009 that led California resident Denise Green to sue the San Francisco police department in 2009.

2. For what reasons did Ms. Green bring a lawsuit against the police department in 2009?

3. Why did a judge dismiss Ms. Green’s lawsuit against the San Francisco police department at that time?

4. Ms. Green appealed the decision and this week the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that she is able to go forward with her lawsuit. What facts were not taken into consideration at that time that have caused the appeals court to allow Ms. Green to sue the police? What points did the judges make in their decision? Be specific.

5. What do you think: the police made an honest mistake? they were just doing their jobs? from their experience, car thieves are usually armed so they were just following proper procedure to secure the safety of the officers? the fault lies with the administration at the police department who knew their officers were using unreliable equipment but did nothing about it? Ms. Green is blowing things out of proportion? the officers used extremely poor judgement? Ms. Green deserves compensation for the treatment she received? … Explain your answer.