Disaster Plans for Oil Trains

Daily News Article - April 22, 2015


1. a) What is FEMA?
b) What was FEMA attempting to do in Jersey City, NJ recently?

2. Why did FEMA choose this location for its exercise?

3. Why is FEMA conducting these exercises?

4. What did participants learn from the drill, according to Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop?

5. What challenges do firefighters face in fighting crude oil fires?

6. What suggestions did firefighters offer at the FEMA workshop?

7. The dangers posed by transporting crude oil by train (as opposed to by underground pipelines) are due to the volatile nature of the crude oil and the chance that a train transporting crude oil derails. Earlier this month, the NTSB urged the rail industry and federal regulators to move more swiftly to replace existing tank cars with ones that would better resist rupturing and fire. What responsibility do you think railroad companies should have in preventing derailments?