Cruz and Kasich unite to take down Donald Trump

Daily News Article - April 26, 2016


1. What announcement did Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich make on Sunday?

2. What assertion did Sen. Cruz’s campaign manager make about Donald Trump as the potential Republican nominee?

3. What did Gov. Kasich’s campaign say about this strategy to keep Trump from winning the nomination?

4. a) Both candidates say Donald Trump can’t do two things. What are they?
b) Ask a parent: do you agree? Explain your answer.

5. a) How many delegates does each candidate currently have?
b) How may does a candidate need to win the nomination?

6. a) What is significant about this strategy for Ted Cruz?
b) Considering the number of delegates Cruz and Kasich each have, do you think Kasich should have just ended his campaign and given his support to Cruz?

7. What was Donald Trump’s reply to the Cruz/Kasich announcement?

8. a) Do you agree with the Cruz/Kasich attempt to deprive Trump the number of delegates needed to win the nomination?
b) If the candidate you support is/were Donald Trump, how would you view the Cruz/Kasich attempt to deny him the nomination?