China orders shutdown of businesses with North Korea

Daily News Article - October 2, 2017


1. Define the following as used in the article:

2. Last Monday, China ordered its banks to stop doing business with North Korea. What new move has China made after agreeing to the U.S.-written UN sanctions against North Korea?

3. What is the ultimate goal of the sanctions against North Korea?

4. What action taken by North Korea caused the U.S., China, and the rest of the UN Security Council to agree unanimously to the sanctions? (What action had North Korea taken?)

5. North Korea has been working on its nuclear weapons program through several administrations - eight years each of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. Negotiations, financial incentives, and lesser sanctions have failed for years. They have not had an effect on stopping North Korea’s pursuit of these weapons. North Korea now has been test-firing intercontinental ballistic missiles with enough range to strike the US mainland. President Trump has taken a different and much stronger approach to dealing with North Korea than any of his predecessors. Ask a parent:
Do you think the president has the right strategy of trying to completely cut off North Korea from any outside trade, persuading China to go along with the plan, working within the UN Security Council - all while talking tough about Kim Jong Un? Please explain your answer.