China disputes U.S. claim it’s top source of synthetic drugs

Daily News Article - December 20, 2016


1. What are synthetic opioids?

2. What has the DEA and White House Office of National Drug Control Policy accused China of doing?

3. Describe the Chinese government’s response to the U.S. accusation.

4. What evidence does the DEA say led them to China?

5. Why did China’s National Narcotics Control Commission invite a team of Associated Press journalists to discuss this issue in Beijing?

6. How do U.S. officials know the Chinese government could greatly reduce the amount of synthetic drugs like fentanyl coming into the U.S.?

7. a) What is fentanyl?
b) How many Americans have died from opioid abuse?
c) When/why did the abuse of fentanyl begin?

8. Nearly two-thirds of the 61 kilograms (134 pounds) of fentanyl seized last year came from Mexico. The rest (one-third) came from China.
a) Knowing that the Chinese can reduce/end the fentanyl trade from their country, what do you think the U.S. government should do to persuade them to do so?
b) President-elect Trump has said numerous times that the U.S./Mexico border should be closed to prevent illegal drugs from flowing into the U.S. through Mexico.  Ask a parent: do you support closing illegal border crossings as a way to cut off that drug route? Why or why not? Please explain your answer.