Cargo Ship Captain Attempts to Escape Pirate Captors

Daily News Article - April 10, 2009


1. How did American cargo ship captain Richard Phillips become a captive of Somali pirates?

2. What had the American crew members of the cargo ship done to prevent the pirates from taking the ship into Somali waters?

3. When and how did Captain Phillips attempt to escape his captors? What was the outcome?

4. How are the pirates who took Captain Phillips hostage responding to the arrival of a U.S. Navy destroyer?

5. What are other Somali pirates doing in response to the intervention of U.S. Navy Warships?

6. Why didn't the pirates take Captain Phillips to the Somali town where they have their headquarters right after they took him hostage?

7. Why do you think Captain Phillips tried to escape? What do you think of his attempt?

8. President Obama takes a very different approach to foreign policy than President Bush did. How has this affected the pirates' activities?

9. Somali pirates are becoming bolder each time they hijack a ship.  What is the best way to deal with them now that they have directly attacked an American ship?