CA parents planned one-day boycott over school year start date

Daily News Article - April 4, 2016


1. Why did a group of parents in a California school district call for a one-day student boycott of classes?

2. What did the parents hope to achieve by staging a one-day boycott?

3. a) What changes did the school district make to the school year calendar last year? (Previous to this, when had the school year always started?)
b) How did district officials explain their reason for the changes?

4. How did the parents quoted in the article explain their reasons for protesting? Be specific.

5. For what reason do you think the district spokesman didn’t return phone calls and emails from the reporter seeking comment on the issue?

6. a) If the majority of parents want the school start date to stay the way it has always been, should the school district be able to change it for the reasons they have stated? With whom do you agree? Explain your answer.
b) Ask a parent the same question.