Brit PM and Trump: ‘Window of Opportunity’ exists to persuade Russia to break ties with Syria

Daily News Article - April 12, 2017


1. Name the following:
a) U.S. Secretary of State
b) British Prime Minister
c) British Foreign Secretary
d) President of Russia
e) Russian Foreign Minister
f) President of Syria

2. What opportunity do Teresa May and Donald Trump agree the West has regarding Syria?

3. What did Boris Johnson say about Rex Tillerson’s talks with Russia in Moscow following the G7 meeting in Italy?

4. Before leaving Italy for Russia, what did Secretary Tillerson say about the Assad regime?

5. Trump administration officials said a week ago that they had abandoned the goal of forcing Assad to leave power. Why have they changed course since then?

6. Watch the news conference clip under “Resources” below. What is your reaction to Secretary Tillerson’s resolve? (optimistic or pessimistic) Explain your answer.

7. From paragraph 13: “Reuters reported: U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson carried a unified message from world powers to Moscow, denouncing Russian support for Syria and taking up America's traditional role as leader of the West on behalf of Donald Trump's administration.”
Ask a parent: The members of the G7 are united in their support for the U.S. in this role. What do you think of the Trump administration “taking up America's traditional role as leader of the West”? Please explain your answer.

Read the editorial under “Background” below the questions. Do you agree with the editors’ assertions about President Trump? Explain your answer.