Border Patrol’s ‘tunnel rats’ stalk drug smugglers in an underground game of hide-and-seek

Daily News Article - November 30, 2017


1. When was the Confined Spaces Entry Team established? What does the team do?

2. a) How many tunnels has the Confined Spaces Entry Team found in recent years in California and Arizona?
b) Describe the tunnels that have been found by the team.

3. a) How/when was the Galvez Tunnel discovered?
b) How does the team use the Galvez Tunnel today?

4. a) Why does the team call themselves tunnel rats?
b) How are team members chosen? - What test must they pass? Why?

5. Why did the team switch its focus from smugglers to cross-border tunnels in the past 10 years?

6. How important do you think it is to locate and seal off these cross-border tunnels? Explain your answer.