Bomb Threats To Jewish Centers Used “Spoofing” And Voice-Masking Tech

Daily News Article - March 3, 2017


1. How many Jewish schools and community centers received bomb threats on Monday?

2. In how many states have Jewish schools and community centers been threatened since January 1st?

3. What two tactics did the perpetrators use when calling in the bomb threats?

4. What is spoofing?

5. In addition to bomb threats, what other heinous anti-Semitic acts have been committed recently?

6. What step did the DHS Secretary take this week to address these growing threats?

7. What is unprecedented about the threats?

8. Paul Goldenberg, the national director for Secure Community Network, said the technologies the perpetrators are using have “made the investigation more challenging.” Why is Mr. Goldenberg confident that they will be caught, despite this challenge?