Ben Carson ‘not worried’ by Trump

Daily News Article - September 16, 2015


1. a) What are Dr. Ben Carson’s credentials?
b) What 2-3 words would you use to describe Dr. Carson’s personality based on the reporter’s description?

2. What does the reporter think Dr. Carson will try to convey to voters during the debate tonight?

3. What is significant about the two men who are the top candidates in the Republican primary?

4. a) The topic of tonight’s debate will be foreign policy. What is Dr. Carson’s position on dealing with ISIS?
b) Do you agree with his assertions? Why or why not?
c) Ask a parent the same question.

5. Based on polls, voters say the most important quality in a candidate is having experience in the private sector. How does Dr. Carson address this in relation to his career?

6. From the article, where does Dr. Carson stand on economic issues?

CHALLENGE: Watch tonight's debate between the candidates. Pay attention to the questions the moderators ask. Fill in the “Presidential Primary Debate” chart for the questions below:

1. List the candidates who took part in this debate.

2. List three questions asked by the moderator(s).

3. Which question do you think was the most important? Explain your choice.

4. For which question(s) did one or more candidates not give a direct answer, or not clearly answer the question?

5. A debate moderator’s role is to act as a neutral participant in a debate, to hold participants to time limits and to try to keep them from straying off the topic of the questions being raised in the debate. Do you think the moderator(s) in this debate fulfilled this role? Explain your answer.

6. a) Do you think the questions chosen by the moderator(s) helped viewers understand the candidates’ positions on foreign and domestic issues? Explain your answer.
b) Were the moderator’s questions fair to every candidate? Explain your answer.

NOTE: Tonight’s debate airs on CNN and Salem Radio. It is sponsored by CNN, Reagan Library Foundation and Salem Media Group and will be held at Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.  Moderators: CNN’s Jake Tapper and conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt