Ben Carson meets with Syrians at refugee camps in Jordan

Daily News Article - December 1, 2015


1. Why did Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson visit two Syrian refugee camps in Jordan?

2. a) What did Syrian refugees tell Dr. Carson that surprised him?
b) Why was he surprised by this?

3. Are you surprised by what Dr. Carson learned firsthand in the refugee camps? Explain your answer.

4. a) What does Dr. Carson say the U.S. should do regarding the Syrian refugees?
b) Do you agree? Ask a parent if he/she agrees with Dr. Carson’s suggestion. Discuss your answers.

5. What danger does Dr. Carson say is posed by bringing Syrian refugees to the U.S.? How does he explain this assertion? Do you agree with his assertion? Explain your answer.

6. Watch the interview with Dr. Carson under “Resources” below.
a) What does he say about Jordan?
b) What did he ask the Syrian refugees he talked to?
c) How did they respond?
d) What point does he make about bringing 10-25,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S.?
e) What do you think about this assertion? (from d) Explain your answer.
Opinion question. Answers vary.
f) What do you think about the interviewer’s questions? Were you able to tell how she felt about Dr. Carson’s observations on the refugees?

7. What do you think of the overall interview clip: Is Dr. Carson uncompassionate? Is he a fearmonger? Are his observations and assertions unreasonable? Explain your answers.

8. Why do you think no reporters from CNN, Reuters, The NY Times, CBS, NBC, ABC… have done what Dr. Carson did and talked to the refugees or reported on what Jordan is doing firsthand?