Battle of Coral Sea 75th anniversary

Daily News Article - May 5, 2017


1. Where exactly is the Coral Sea?

2. a) When did the Battle of the Coral Sea take place?
b) What countries took part in this battle?
c) Which U.S. aircraft carriers were involved in the battle?

3. Name the U.S. and Australian commanders involved in the battle.

4. How was this battle fought?

5. What was the outcome of the Battle of the Coral Sea?

6. What was the significance of this battle?

7. Newsreels were short films covering current events, shown in movie theaters before the movie. They contained filmed news stories and items of topical interest. Newsreels were prevalent between 1910s to 1960s, when TV news replaced the need for them.
Watch the newsreel (and the short documentary below it) on the Battle of the Coral Sea. The tone of the newsreel on the Battle of the Coral Sea is very different from the tone of news reporting today.
a) Do you like this style of reporting? Explain your answer.
b) How would you describe the naval cameraman who continued to film from the deck of the carrier during the attack by the Japanese?
c) After watching the second video (the Australian account), how important do you think it is for students to learn about this battle?