As Dishes Stack Up, Cities Start Trying to Put Them Away

Daily News Article - May 7, 2012


1.  What laws regarding home satellite dishes have cities including Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago recently passed or are planning to pass?
2.  How is the satellite dish industry responding to these new laws?
3.  For what reason do people generally opt for satellite dish service over cable?
4.  a) What problem has arisen as a result of customers owning their satellite dishes?
b)  What should be done about this? 
5.  What FCC rule prevents local governments and homeowners associations from passing regulations that prohibit the installation of satellite dishes?
6.  a) Should local governments and/or homeowners associations be able to regulate satellite dishes? Explain your answer.
b)  Should local governments be able to regulate anything they view as an "eyesore" on a homeowner's property?  Explain your answer.
c)  Should owners of rental apartments be able to regulate satellite dishes on their property even if local governments don't / can't? Explain your answer.
d)  Ask a parent the same questions from #6.  Discuss your answers.