Amazon introduces grocery store without cashiers

Daily News Article - December 9, 2016


1. Explain how Amazon’s new grocery store - Amazon Go - will work.

2. a) Who is currently able to shop at this first Amazon Go in Seattle?
b) Why do you think this is so?

3. a) How many grocery stores does Amazon plan on opening?
b) How does this number compare to the number of stores operated by Kroger, the largest full-service grocery retailer in the U.S.?

4. What service did Amazon launch in 2013 as a precursor to AmazonGo?

5. What impact will Amazon Go have on jobs? Be specific.

6. What benefits will Amazon Go offer shoppers?

7. In what other ways has Amazon implemented automation in its business?

8. Some lament the loss of jobs with this type of growing automation; some hype the efficiency of this type of automation. Amazon utilizes practices that are aimed at offering good customer service, efficiency and time savers for consumers. It will cause certain jobs to be lost, but the company hires people in other areas (warehouses, shipping and receiving, delivery, management, etc.)
It still gives many people an uncomfortable feeling. Some are just opposed because they do not want one company dominating (and driving the ‘little guy’ out of business). What do you think: get with the times or fight the conglomeration?
In the long run, will Amazon Go drive all competition (like Kroger) out of business? If so, will this be good for consumers? Why or why not? Will it be good for workers? Why or why not?
Is Amazon’s success and innovation inspiring to you, or is its growth and dominance discouraging? Explain your answer.