50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked

Daily News Article - September 18, 2015


1. The first paragraph of a news article should answer the questions who, what, where and when. List the who, what, where and when of this news item. (NOTE: The remainder of a news article provides details on the why and/or how.)

2. What was the result of the intelligence analysts’ complaint?

3. How/why were the intelligence analysts’ reports changed? Be specific.

4. Two senior analysts originally signed the complaint. How many others supported their complaint?

5. a) What are these CENTCOM intelligence analysts paid to do?
b) Who did the analysts accuse of changing their analysis?

6. In addition to changing their reports, what compliant do analysts have about the officials who oversee CENTCOM’s analysis department?

7. a) How did the analysts initially lodge their complaints?
b)What did they do when their efforts failed?
c)What happened to some of the analysts who complained?

8. How do the reporters describe the Obama administration’s portrayal of the U.S.’s fight against ISIS?