35 years after Mount St. Helens eruption, nature returns

Daily News Article - May 29, 2015


PLEASE NOTE:  This is the last Daily News Article of the school year.  Posting will resume at the end of the summer.

1. a) Where is Mount St. Helens?
b) When did it erupt?

2. What effect did the eruption have on the surrounding area in the immediate aftermath? Be specific.

3. a) What was shocking to people about Spirit Lake after it was buried by a landslide caused by the eruption, according to Jim Gawel of University of Washington Tacoma, who has spent the past decade studying Spirit Lake?
b) Does this information affect your view of God’s role in the universe? Explain your answer.

4. What has happened to the area following the destruction caused by the eruption of Mount St. Helens?

5. a) Describe the new flora and fauna that emerged after the eruption. (Flora is plant life; fauna refers to animals)
b) How has Spirit Lake benefitted from the loss of huge trees surrounding the lake?

6. Now, 35 years later, how has the growth of new trees changed the area again?