2021 State of the State addresses

Daily News Article   —   Posted on January 29, 2021

NOTE: In place of our regular “Daily News Article” we have provided information on the annual “State of the State” addresses, and included questions below.

The State of the State Address is a speech given once each year by the governors of most states.

The speech is customarily delivered before both houses of the state legislature sitting in joint session, with the exception of the Nebraska legislature, which is a unicameral body.

This address is also known by other names.  In Iowa, the speech is called the Condidion of the State Address.  In Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia it is called the State of the Commonwealth Address.

The speech is given to satisfy a constitutional stipulation that a governor must report annually, or in older constitutions described as being “from time to time,” on the state or condition of a U.S. state.

Governors of states, territories and commonwealths are outlining their priorities for 2021 in state of the state or commonwealth addresses, as well as inaugural addresses for new and re-elected Governors.

There are also many cities in the United States in which the mayor gives a State of the City address.

Note:  The address given by the President of the United States is known as the State of the Union address.  Traditionally, a president of the United States should be in office for a year before they give their first State of the Union address.

In a State of the Union address, the president usually reflects back on the past year and how the nation is doing, as well as uses the opportunity to highlight the administration’s legislative agenda — which needs congressional support — and priorities for the country.

President Biden will give his first public address before a joint session of the United States Congress on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. His speech will be known as an “address to a joint session.”  As with previous presidents, it is expected that President Biden will use his speech on Feb. 23 to continue outlining his goals for his administration.